Little Suck-a-Thumb a 19th century parenting fail

A dark yet mesmerising animation which tells the tale of Little Suck-a-Thumb from the 19th century children’s book, Struwwelpeter. Not one for the delicate flowers that are modern children (apparently), but thought I’d share something from the dark recesses of my own childhood imagination.

In German with English subtitles, the video that is, not my imagination.

The original can be found at

Happy childhood memories

I so need to find myself a copy of this book in all of its original glory. Loved it as a kid and upon another reading through grown-up eyes it’s even better than I’d remembered.

Update: Link no longer works. It must have been taken down. If anyone knows another site it is hosted then please let me know.

Update 2: There is still and audio reading on the site at it references the page I originally posted but the link is still broken.

Sky News is so Foxy

It’s no secret that the Murdoch empire likes to call the UK General Election. Unfortunately for them when they called it this time round the pesky electorate didn’t all listen. The Sun, The Times and Sky News have all shamelessly thrown themselves behind David Cameron’s Conservatives during this campaign.

Despite their formidable influence this act of democracy bending mischief failed to detonate properly and has left us with a bit of a mess to sort out. Winning more seats than anyone else but failing to achieve an overall majority the Conservatives are now flapping about trying to perform some ideological contortions with the Liberal Democrats. It’s a marriage doomed to failure unless one of the parties submits to be the other’s bitch.

All this uncertainty and anguish at not been the ones “wot won it” has put a terrible strain the the Sky News team as this clip brilliantly illustrates. There’s been a definite jolt towards the Fox News school of broadcast journalism at Sky News since the election but let’s face it, Adam Boulton is no Bill O’Reilly.