After 55 years of memory storage evolution. 8 bytes vs 8 GB

8GB vs 8B

I’m now so accustomed to technical advancements that I regard many of them with barely a blink of an eye. I’ve just got used to it, or even expect it.

Then occasionally I see something which gives me a sense of perspective, to look back to “the way things once were” and I am suddenly amazed by the technical advancements we’ve made in such a relatively short period of time. I had one of those moments today when I stumbled across a Wikipedia page that contained this photograph contrasting solid state memory from back in the day and modern media. In this case a microSD card that for the cost of a couple of pints can store gigabytes of information.

In the photo it is resting on a small array of magnetic core memory which in old money is capable of storing a meagre 8 bytes, that is only enough memory to store the word “gigabyte” (using ASCII code). The tiny micro SD card shown can store roughly a billion times more information than that.

A return to my grumpy, unrelenting, expectant norm is imminent with the wonder replaced by my old farmilliar jaded cynicism. The moment will have passed which is why I have recorded it here for… hey what’s this gushing old bollocks I’ve been typing for the last five minutes, and who the hell wants the word “gigabyte” stored a billion times on a little chip? 

Original Wikipedia photo page is here with attribution for owner of image and more info.