Warning – [opinionated] moron alert

I’m frequently amused (not really, more annoyed beyond reason) when I read the ill-informed and misconceived opinions of the great unwashed, especially in Internet forums and product review websites.

Apple is no less blighted by these irrepressible dullards. Visit the App Store sometime and just feast your eyes on the often foaming at the mouth ranting of someone lambasting a product they have so obviously and painfully misunderstood the purpose of. Some are implacable arseholes and others are just plain stupid.

Either way, if you don’t know what you are talking about then you should just keep quiet and not draw attention to your idiocy by parading it to the entire world.

Here’s a typical commentard opining on the iPhone mains charger (US Version) on the Apple website

I like the concept of having the USB double as an AC adapter. However, I have major concerns;

  1. DON’T lose the AC adapter. Otherwise, it’ll take a long time to recharge the phone through a computer.
  2. I don’t like the replacement price of $30.00 + tax. It should be $15-$19.
  3. The cord is too short to use the phone on AC. Fortunately, I have a lounge chair that’s close to an outlet.
  4. I’m worried that the USB cable may wear out because of the high current going through it when charging the phone. I don’t think USB cables are designed to constantly handle 120V.

In case you happen to be the originator of the above wisdom, then let me take your comments point by point :

  1. A “major concern” is that it won’t charge your phone if you lose it? How do I begin the address this? You’re commenting on a products suitability and you’re telling me you have concerns it won’t function suitably if you lose it? Thanks for that nugget of wisdom. Really assisted my buying decision.
  2. You don’t like the replacement price? Then don’t lose the fucking thing and you won’t have to replace it will you? As for your theories on retail pricing, why not give Apple a call? They might make you vice-president of marketing or something then you can price everything you want within your personal financial circumstances.
  3. The cord is too short to use the phone on AC. OK, but it’s a charger. The cord is there to connect the phone to the charger or a computer, not so you can swan around the house with it on the mains.
  4. My personal favourite. This is indeed a major concern because not only are USB cables not designed to constantly handle 120V, THEY AREN’T DESIGNED TO HANDLE 120V AT ALL! It would burst into flames and melt, but not before it ejected your beloved iDevice across the room with a loud bang and terminal consequences. That’s the whole fucking point of the adapter, to transform the mains voltage into the low voltage that your shiny thing expects and deserves.

Sorry bout that, just needed to vent a little.

A Flash blast from the past and nothing to be proud of

Just been sorting through some old files and came across this little nugget of Coupa history. As far as I can recall this is something I cobbled together as a test and represents my first and only foray into the seedy world of Flash.

Dated 2004 but I’m pretty certain it was originally done in 2001/2002 and possibly revisited for reasons unknown in 2004. Urrrgh, makes me feel all dirty.