Vegas Baby!

Well I had a very dull though quicker than expected flight over.

On arrival I hunted down a cab and was greeted by a Mexican chap whose idea of helping me with my bags was opening his boot (or trunk as they like to say around here) and pointing in the back to indicate where I had to dump it.

He then asked if I was from London and when I said “no” assumed I was German. This might explain why it took him 5 miles to get the 3.5 miles from the airport to the hotel.

Met up with the guys fine and had a few drinks at a genuine Irish bar in the Hotel. They claim it’s genuine because it was supposedly built it in Ireland, took it apart, had it shipped over here and reassembled it. Unlikely I know considering there are also ancient Arthurian and Egyptian bars here, but you never can tell.

I decided to stay awake and go to bed just after midnight local time which was about 8am the next day UK time. This means I had been awake over 24 hours since setting off from the UK. I’ll tell you later if my jet lag defying gamble paid off.

I did have a a very nice burger at a nearby FatBurger. I was feeling hungry so ordered the large burger with chunky fries. Medium burger and sharing some fries would have more than sufficed. Lesson learnt.

Incidentally, you can’t walk 50 feet down the strip without people shoving these little cards in your hand. Any ideas what they’re for?

Titty Cards!